Advising for Secondary Education in Math


Certification for secondary education in mathematics requires ten months of training beyond the bachelor's level, leading to a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). This additional training is through the School of Education.

Although a B.S. degree in Mathematics is not strictly required for admission to the MAT program, a number of mathematics courses are required, and most students who aspire to become high school mathematics teachers will complete a Mathematics B.S. before entering the MAT program.

Important Note on Program Changes

Effective Fall 2013, the Professional Year (PY) program has been eliminated and admission requirements for the MAT program have changed. The summary below reflects these changes. Unfortunately, the Mathematics Department was notified of these changes only after the Fall 2012 drop/add deadline. This means that current seniors have only one semester to make any necessary changes to their program of study to meet the new requirements. Fortunately, the new requirements are a subset of the previous requirements, with one exception: Students are now required to take IL1580 (Foundations of Special Education). This was not required previously. It will be offered in the spring term.

Required Undergraduate Courses

Certain undergraduate course work is required for admission to the MAT program. Courses specific to secondary education in mathematics are In addition to subject area requirements, students must complete

Additional Information

Additional information can be found on the School of Education website.
Please note: As of 09-13-2012, the site referenced above indicates that two separate three credit courses, one in prabability and another in statistics, are required. The Mathematics Department has been assured by the School of Education that this is a mistake, and that Stat 1000 will satisfy both requirements.