Guidelines for Math Advising

How it works

Undergraduates are advised by the A&S Advising Center until they declare a major, at which time they are sent to their major departments for advising. In the Mathematics Department, each student is assigned to a faculty member for advising. A student will normally stay with the same advisor until he or she graduates. Prior to enrollment for any term, a student must meet with his/her academic advisor.

Your role

Although students can now self-enroll, they are blocked from doing so until they meet with their academic advisors. Your students are locked out of the self-enrollment process until you give them the go-ahead. Many students will need your advice in choosing their math courses. In some cases, they may need help choosing courses to satisfy the A&S general education requirements.

Most students have registered several times through the Advising Center before they come to us, and consequently have a good understanding of the general education requirements. Students have online access to their degree progress report, so they can check for themselves which of these requirements are outstanding. You can also view this report online (see below). Sometimes these reports have mistakes. If a student thinks that she has fulfilled some requirement that her progress report says is still outstanding, she should go to the A&S Records in Thackeray 140 to clear it up.

Students can search for courses to satisfy any general education requirement by searching the course descriptions at the A&S Undergraduate Studies website

Special considerations for future teachers

You should ask your advisees if they are considering careers in secondary education. Admission to programs leading to certification requires courses in Abstract Algebra (Math 0430), Number Theory (Math 1020), Geometry (Math 1290), and a statistics course (Stat 1000 is a good choice). Note that the first three of these courses count toward a Mathematics degree, but not toward an Applied Mathematics degree. On the other hand, the statistics course can count toward an Applied Math degree, but not toward a Mathematics degree.

The School of Education also requires a course in the history of mathematics (Math 1230). This course is offered once each year in the fall term. It does not count toward the requirements for a Mathematics or Applied Math degree.

The complete list of admission requirements for secondary education in mathematics can be found at

The Peoplesoft Advisor Center

You can view your advisees' academic records and clear their advising holds through the Peoplesoft Advisor Center. To access the Advisor Center, login to Peoplesoft through the portal, and navigate to Self Service -> Advisor Center.

Viewing academic records

To view the academic record of an advisee
  1. Login to the Advisor Center.
  2. Click the my advisees tab.
  3. Click the View Student Details link next to your advisee's name.
  4. From the popup menu on the left under the Academics heading, choose Degree progress report, and then click the >> button.
  5. Choose the University of Pittsburgh from the Institution menu, and report type Academic advisement transcript and click Go.

How to clear the advising hold

Self-service enrollment is enabled by clearing the ADV service indicator. From the Advisor Center, this is done as follows.
  1. Click the General Info tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click edit service indicators.
  3. Click ADV to select the advising service indicator, and click the Release button.
  4. Click OK to save the change.
Note: To enable fall term registration, you must remove both the fall and summer service indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions (with answers!) about Math advising is available at