Actuarial Math Advising

Economics Courses

The Actuarial Math BS requires Intermediate Micro (Econ 1100) and Intermediate Macro (Econ 1110), but not the prerequisite introductory courses Econ 0100 and Econ 0110. The Economics Department has agreed to waive the prerequisites for declared Actuarial Math majors only. Many students will take the introductory courses as freshmen, before they declare their major. A declared Actuarial Math major who wishes to take Econ 1100 or Econ 1110 without the introductory prerequisites will have to obtain a permission number from the Economics Department by sending email to

BusEcn 1010 can be used as a substitute for Econ 1100 for the Actuarial Mathematics BS, but students should be aware that this course will probably not count toward Economics VEE credit with the Society of Actuaries.


There are multiple options here, but one requires special attention. Engineering 0012 treats programming in Matlab and C++. The School of Engineering has agreed to allow our majors to take the course without the usual Engineering 0011 prerequisite, but only in the fall term. To take the course, students will need a permission number from the School of Engineering. Students should contact Ruth Burton ( for a permission number.


Several upper level Statistics courses are required, most of which have prerequisites, and some of which are offered infrequently. Careful planning is required. To ensure a path to graduation within four years, it is important that students complete both Stat 1000 and a regression course (Stat 1221 or Econ 1150) by the end of the second year.

To complete the upper level statistics requirement, students will have to follow one of the two sequences indicated below.

The sequence ending with Stat 1321 is preferred, since it leads to VEE credit in Statistics (see below).

The Statistics Department has agreed to accept Econ 1150 as a substitute prerequisite for Stat 1321. Students who wish to use this substitute prereq should contact Carl Bodenschatz ( of the Statistics Department for permission.

In planning a program keep in mind the following approximate schedule.
Stat 1000Every term
Stat 1151Every fall
Stat 1221Every spring
Stat 1321Offered occasionally
Stat 1731Spring term, alternate years
Stat 1741Spring term, alternate years
Econ 1150Every term


Econ 1440 or BusFin 1311 is required. BusFin 1311 is preferred.

The Business School has agreed to substitute Math 1120 for the usual Business prerequisite. Students should contact Michael McDermott ( of CBA for permission to enroll in this course.

VEE Credit

Students can get Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credit with the Society of Actuaries for certain course sequences. VEE credit is awarded in each of three areas: Economics, Corporate Fiance, and Applied Statistical Methods. Approved course sequences are: It is the students' responsibility to apply for VEE credit after completing a course sequence. Forms for doing so can be found at the SOA VEE page.